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Silicon Concept Inc, (SIC), offers a range of advanced metrology products and solutions for semiconductor, LED, Solar, FPD, Data Storage and MEMS applications. We have over 25 years experience in stress measurement, film adhesion testing, wafer topography metrology, and electrical characterization. Our latest offerings include unique technology to meet the metrology needs of 3DIC manufacturing and to monitor stress of large flat panels.

SIC has local sales and support offices in all major semiconductor clusters. Other areas are covered by a network of local representatives.

Applications domains & Technologies

SIC offers metrology and characterization systems for front-end, back-end, as well as research and development applications.



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8108 VITE VIT(E) Series

New high speed, high accuracy non-contact characterization of thin wafers, through silicon vias (TSV), bumps, MEMS structures and novel materials. SIC 8108 VITE can be employed in the front-end and backend. It provides thickness, TTV, and topography of Si and compound materials, edge trim geometry, multilayer thickness and topography of wafers on tape, on sapphie,or on glass. Measurement of warp of highly warped wafers and measurement of  thick films.

413 C2C 413 Series

Thickness and total thickness variation (TTV) mapping system. TTV and Thickness of wafer substrate, thick layers, wafers on tape, bonded wafers, etc. Fully automated cassette to cassette system, SECS/GEM compliant. Warp, Roughness, and Thin Film Thickness measurement options.

128L C2C 128 Series

Dedicated Film Stress mapping system with high resolution for high throughput process control. Fully automated cassette to cassette, SECS/GEM compliant 300mm Film Stress and Bow Measurement tool. Dual or single FOUP configurations available. Integrated wafer substrate thickness measurement available. 


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